About V2

Lucky One Creative Co.

We’re a creative company who love to cook up creative things.

From traditional graphic design and illustration, to marketing ideas and product placement. Creativity is found in the entire process, from the initial spark of a concept to how it’s eventually rolled out.

As a smaller team, we take on projects of all sizes. But no matter what the project is, the quality is always the same. Our standard of work simply supports our ability to find tangible, realistic and down to earth solutions, regardless of how that looks.

We know the same project can be designed and crafted in a million different ways by a million different creatives. The trick is to find the right creative for you.

We like to think of ourselves as the vehicle to help you find where you’re going, even if you’re not entirely sure  know what that looks like.

The Lucky One Creative Co. – Quietly going about our business.


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